About us


You may not have heard of us, but we've been here all along, behind the scenes developing and marketing innovative new products and services. Learn about our team and find out what makes Zen Marketing Group tic.

Based in Colorado, Zen Marketing Group is  a inbound digital marketing, lead generation and affiliate marketing, among other areas of online commerce.
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What we do


We get business found in a positive light online and bring new customers in through various web mediums.

  • Reputation Management

    With over 5 online reputation management web properties that have generated well over 100,000 reputation management leads, Zen Marketing Group is a silent but powerful force in the online reputation management industry.

  • Web Development

    Creating profitable websites and online properties is what we do best, and it’s part of what makes our company tic, driving the unique digital marketing force that is Zen Marketing Group.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Always on the cutting-edge of digital marketing, Zen Marketing Group’s mobile marketing division has been pioneering innovative mobile and web app marketing techniques since the dawn of modern mobil communication and onset of mobile marketing.